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Lubbock County Clerk's Office -
Updated Recording Fees

“Please take note: effective Jan 1st, 2024 recording fees for the 1st pg of each doc will be reduced by $1 ($25 1st pg, $4 each addtl)" - Lubbock County Clerk's Office

Lubbock County District Clerk's Office -
Jury Fee

As of now, the District Clerk’s Office will be charging a $10 jury fee for all jury requests. According to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 216(b) – “Unless otherwise provided by law, a fee of ten dollars if in the district court and five dollars if in the county court must be deposited with the clerk of the court within the time for making a written request for a jury trial. The clerk shall promptly enter a notation of the payment of such fee upon the court’s docket sheet.”


There is now a fee option in e-filing should a jury be requested. Please choose this fee to avoid rejection of the jury request. Contact the District Clerk if you have any questions. Thank you!


Sara L. Smith 

District Clerk

Lubbock County

Domestic Relations Office

ATTN Family Law Attorneys----we need your help---

Orders and decrees requiring parties to utilize the Domestic Relations Office (DRO) for supervised visitation and/or child support community supervision services, often lack the DRO’s contact information. Consequently, the involved parties do not know where to report for these services.

Please include the DRO’s contact information in any document seeking judicial approval.

After the applicable order or decree is signed, provide the DRO with a cause number so that any reporting requirements for the court can commence.

Have questions? Please contact Gene Valentini @ 806 775 1720 or

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